Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH) on occasion of the 98th anniversary of the Red October

7th of November 2015

comintern_sh_solidarity_small - November 7th

Dream of the world bourgeoisie: to turn our planet into own shop « Earth », and members of the mankind deprived of civil rights — into « consumers »!


The world bourgeoisie has perfected the globalized exploitation and oppression of humanity.

The capitalist world has transformed the workers into globalized means of production for the purpose to accumulate more and more globalized profit out of more and more globalized surplus of the globalized production of the workers. In short, the world bourgeoisie has globalized her gigantic profit machinery.

In the modern world there is not a socialist states !
Those several states at which name there is a word « Socialism » and which are operated by local so-called « Communist parties » actually are kinds of the capitalist countries! They have nothing in common with that socialism which was brought to the science level by founders of scientific communism — Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels! North Korea and People’s Republic of China are the good examples of such countries. It is symbolic that in these countries, which some Western pseudo-philosophers and political scientists consider « communist », it is impossible to find even small monuments to Marx and Engels, even in the existing so-called « Marxism-Leninism Institutes! »
Soon, the world working class will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which resulted in the former Tsarist Russian Empire was transformed into the world’s first real state of workers, peasants and soldiers!
On October 25 (according to a new calendar — on November 7) 1917 — the greatest date in the history of world labor movement: this day the Great October Socialist Revolution came true! This day the Russian proletariat, under the direction of Lenin and Stalin’s Bolshevik Party, could break through defense of the bourgeoisie and break capitalism in the Russian Empire!
Creation of the great Soviet Union was the first really big break in system of capitalism (the very first was the Paris Commune, but it lasted only 3 days)! The first time workers and peasants took the government in hand and set a genuine democracy — proletarian democracy! The first time to the international working class was shown how to free themselves from the yoke of capital and become truly free citizens of really socialist country where there is no exploitation of human by human! For the first time work became really free and adequately paid! The class of the bourgeoisie was suppressed and was on the verge of a total disappearance! In a short space of time — within 35 years — taking into account its almost complete destruction in World War II in 1941-45 — the USSR turned from the country backward in every respect to the developed country of socialism, in 1953 it almost on all to indicators exceeded the capitalist countries which are most developed at that time, and growth rates of its economy advanced growth rates of economy of the USA by 600%! The people of the whole world began to turn the looks and expectations to the USSR — a bulwark of peace around the world, and also into the center of a world socialist revolution, into the ideological and practical center of release of world colonies of capitalism from foreign colonialists and from the foreign capital! As a result of it a huge number of the colonial states received a formal liberty! The system of world imperialism was forced to recede back and to give at least a formal liberty to the enslaved people!
But as a result of internal revisionist treachery and also as a result in World War II on the advanced positions by the defender of the socialist state true communists heroically were at war and died, after war total number of the revolutionary communists ready to fight to death against any manifestation of counterrevolution was considerably reduced. As a result of it preparation and implementation by the Soviet revisionists Stalin’s murder and the beginning of restoration of capitalism in the USSR became possible. This process affected the whole world communistic movement and in 35 years, in 1991, a remaining balance of the USSR was destroyed. Capitalism was temporarily restored!
But whether mankind began to live better after 1991?
Let’s look!
The undisguised and in every possible way propagandized main goal of the world bourgeoisie: the transformation of out planet in his own shop « Earth », and disenfranchised members of the rest of humanity — into obedient « consumers »!
For this purpose representatives of the world bourgeoisie wage never-ending wars, kill children, deprive of the homeland of millions, plunge into hunger of the country and continents, destroy a mankind gene pool drugs, drive the states to debt holes, minds of billions poison with religious prejudices, turn the younger generations into slaves of consumption, shroud the Internet in controlled social networks and other means of controlling people! On the funds raised from taxpayers they create different kind of weapons and direct them against taxpayers, and also the world proletariat, constantly reduced the real income of workers and increase consumer prices for mass goods, already more than a half of the world’s population constantly starves…
Those places on Earth where there are main raw material resources for world economy, are places of collisions of interests of multinational corporations and superpowers created by them. Several superpowers play the economic, political and military conflicts and reside on the verge of great atomic warfare which threatens with destruction to all mankind.
The mass media concentrated in hands of big businessmen are the tool of promotion of lie and anticommunism, the main ideological arena of counterrevolution!
Cultures of the small nations, and also the smallest nations are threatened by elimination or degeneration! They are turned into new colonies of superpowers, their so-called « independence » — the bilk word and sounds as cynical mockery at these small countries and at the term « independence of the nations »!
The national bourgeoisie constantly inspires in all nations of the world the myth about « selectness », about « divine purpose »! The nationalism and chauvinism are a basis of bourgeois ideology! Minds of representatives of working class constantly become impregnated with religious illusions!
Almost all foodstuff sold in the world is stuffed with uncountable uncontrollable chemical additives — preservatives, stabilizers, fragrances, colorizators, etc. Transnational restaurants like Fast-food poison health of the world proletariat!
The multi-national pharmaceutical corporations plunder the world population terribly inflated prices of cheap drugs!
Most of the population of Earth has no access to the qualified medical care!
Really free education (irrespective of quality of education!) — only dream of world working class!
The world capitalist system of agriculture cannot provide the world population with sufficient products for livelihood!
The eight-hour working day which for the first time is legally set in the USSR by great All-Union communist party (Bolsheviks) of Lenin and Stalin does not exist any more and in the majority of the countries of the world a working day is almost 12-hour.
Child labor is a commonplace, it is even encouraged and romanticized in the bourgeois propaganda!
In an impetuous pursuit of profit the capitalists covered by greed destroy terrestrial flora and fauna. As a tragic example of similar crimes of capitalism it is possible to give almost elimination of saigas in Russia (in 20 years of their destruction from 1 million there were about 20 thousand!) because the Chinese capitalists bought horns of saigas (only horns, other parts of animals jumped out!) for 40 USD, and then sold them to some trustful and deceived representatives of the Chinese bourgeoisie for 800 USD (!!!) as wonder-working means for increase of a man’s potentiality! The international criminals who, in turn, resell them to different private restaurants in the Asian countries can also remember extermination of monkeys in Africa because of sale of their heads for 30 USD.
The 7,5 billion population of Earth is constantly enriched about 15 million USD millionaires from whom about 150000 people has more than 30 million USD, about 10000 has a 100 million USD, and also about 1000 (just a 1000!!!) has more than 1 billion USD. That is, among the richest people in the world is only 1.3%!
It is necessary to add representatives of middle and small bourgeoisie in the world to it — their total number is about 500 million. The elementary calculations show that about 7% of the world population are enriched at the expense of other 93%! And bourgeois ideologists call this a « democracy », « human rights »! It is extremely wrong, unfair and cynical!
All world bourgeois art shows life and the purposes of these 500 million rich men, life of other 7 billion people for modern world art is not interesting (behind the most rare exceptions)! In the modern art which is just one of means of profit earning, receiving a profit the various decadent directions dominate, the capitalist realism in it is reflected in most distorted and illusory forms. Sensation and fleeting fascination, irrelevant stories and coarse formalism and naturalism are permanent components of the bourgeois art, which ultimately shows us the ugliness of capitalist realism! Once great spanish painter Picasso, reflecting on how to survive in capitalist society, perfectly understood that the capitalists have to show their own face, and because his own face like all, the capitalists will be delighted by this. And he developed the Cubism! And the world bourgeoisie began to buy and admire paintings by Picasso! They did not understand what a great artist (Picasso in 1944 became a member of the progressive at the time of the Communist Party of France, and in 1962 the Soviet revisionists handed him the international Lenin prize) started ruthlessly show to world bourgeoisie their ugly face! In fact, what the bourgeois critics still call « Cubism » (by the way, the inventor of the term, the french critic Louis Vauxcelles gave him a proper name — « cubic fad », which later all forgotten!), is the most complete form of capitalist realism, the most truthful face of world capitalism and of its subject — the world bourgeoisie! Cubism — is the most realistic portrait of the world bourgeoisie!
In the capitalist world are fluorishing the human trafficking, trade of human organs, prostitution, a child pornography, drug traffic and the weapon prosper! And for hunger in the world each 3 minutes one child perishes!
As a result of globalization of world capitalism the mankind received the globalization of crimes of capitalism! These crimes increased in enormous scales!
So-called « United Nations » is the arena of collision of the injurious purposes of superpowers and the instrument of saving of world colonialism system!
It is the world of modern capitalism!
These are terrible crimes of imperialism!
This is — the inevitable result of the globalization of private capital!
But, because of it, all this is an inevitable threshold of World Socialism!
The last irrevocable economic crisis of capitalism — only the next proof of the coming death of world capitalism!
But capitalism does not disappear himself — he must be break through violent revolution! And this revolution should implement the world working class!
But, to implement it, the world working class needs the political party of Bolshevist type: the truly revolutionary party which will be able to organize and perform the World Socialist Revolution!
In 1917 great Lenin gave the fine historical answer to the georgian menshevik I. Tsereteli on a question of whether there is a political party which is ready to take the power in hand after overthrow of capitalism in the Russian Empire: « There is such Party », Lenin told! And it was the political party of Bolshevist type created by Lenin!
Now in the world the time has come when the establishment of socialism in one country is excluded theoretically! But it is inevitable on a global scale! Therefore, should a political party appears world scale, which could take as its world replica the great words of Lenin!
The dialectic of the world social movement in general and the international labor movement in particular, gave international working class such a party in 2000! His name — « Stalinist-Hoxhaists Communist International! » Before him, the world revisionists headed by the Chinese revisionists have created and still support the so-called « Fourth International ». Traitors of the organization struggling to distort Marxism, to transform the international labor movement in empty words, as much as possible to delay the deadline achievements of world socialist revolution! They mislead ideologically backward part of the world proletariat, prevent the dissemination of works 5 classics of Marxism — Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha, or 5 classics of Marxism separated from each other. Their strategy — disposed towards the world working class from the World Socialist Revolution! They are — reliable shield for global capitalism!
But they are not an eternal shield!
They cannot save capitalism forever! It is excluded owing to objective laws of dialectics! the main stronghold of world capitalism — the USA — costs on the verge of a default! But just a few days ago, China, Russia and many other capitalist countries have to increase their contributions to the US economy (!!!) to save him, but indirectly — global capitalism! In the case of rescue world capitalism all the capitalists are unanimous — it does not matter that formally they are enemies! A debt of American capitalists already exceeded 18.1 trillion dollars and titled bourgeois economists have no idea how to save capitalism completely ruined. These economists — only some Nobel Prize laureates and other bourgeois pocket premiums! But it is well aware of the true communists: access to the abolition of the entire system of capitalist economy and transfer of human history for the next formational stage of development — the construction of world socialism! It is — on a global scale implementation of what has already been accomplished in a single country — the Soviet Union — the Russian proletariat and the Bolsheviks under the leadership of the great leader of the world proletariat — Lenin and Stalin!
Now each true Communist in the world must decide for themselves whom he serves: revisionism or Bolshevism? If Bolshevism, for its activities, it remains the only political party in the world — Stalinist-Hoxhaists Communist International, as well as the national sections it creates! Other true Bolshevik political parties do not exist in the modern world!
Each communist, each non-party worker and each conceiving person should understand it to themselves!
It is simple to be convinced of it, having studied thoroughly compositions of 5 Classics of Marxism, and also history of construction of socialism in the USSR in 1917-55 and Albania in 1945-1985!
Everyone, sooner or later have to ask ourselves why he lives in this world and what benefits it can bring to his generation and future generations of mankind? There are many occupations where people can realize the great idea of ​​serving the people: science, art, industry, sport, agriculture and so on! But while in the world there is a division of society into classes, as there is exploitation of human by human, as there is antagonism between labor and capital, the most honorable service of humanity is a matter of joining the ranks of the world working-class movement! And the most class-conscious vanguard of the world working-class movement — a revolutionary! And because in the world there is just one true revolutionary party of the Bolshevik type — the Comintern (SH), any person who is called to serve the world labor movement must unite to the party or it’s national sections, and as long as there are only five sections of the Comintern (SH), the true revolutionary should try to create in his country such section! There is no alternative! Any other way — is becoming in the infamous ranks of the world revisionists, or complete betrayal of the interests of the world proletariat (i.e. the interests of 93% of the world population) and openly move on toward the world bourgeoisie!
For us the choice was obvious and simple: Comintern (SH) and an honorary title of the soldier of the World Socialist Revolution!
Let the coming 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution will remind all conscious communists and not communists of need of permanent self-criticism, will force them to review the political convictions, more thoroughly study Marxism and its only correct modern form in the modern era of globalization of the world capital — Stalinism-Hoxhaism — and will take a courageous vital step towards service for final release of mankind from a yoke of world private capital!

Long live the 98th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!
Long live the great Soviet Union of times of Lenin and Stalin — the greatest historical example for construction of the coming World Socialist Society!
Long live the Comintern (SH) — the only truly revolutionary world Party of Bolshevist type!
Long live the world proletariat — the main subject of future World Socialist Revolution!



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