Red wishes for a fruitful New Year 2016 from Party of Communists of USA to working class

Wishes of New Year 2016

Party of Communists USA Central Committee

« In this struggle the communists, consistent with the principles of proletarian internationalism, advocate the maximum cohesion of the revolutionary forces worldwide. The communists do not seek abstract unity of the revolutionary forces, i.e. the unity on behalf of the unity, but the unity on behalf of a specific purpose and this is the struggle against imperialism, and this for the reason that imperialism is today the main enemy of peace and national and social progress. Hence at this stage  it constitutes the main enemy of the communist, progressive and democratic movement worldwide. This is so because the communist parties are the best prepared contingent, more aware and armed with the only scientific theory of social development, of the anti-imperialist front. Hence, just the international communist movement is the force able to formulate the most full and multifaceted program of anti-imperialist struggle in the current period. »

International Communist Review


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