US Border Imperialism – Turning Walmarts into Child Prisons with Southwest Key

Trump still has a ways to go to catch up to Obama’s 11-million high-score, and the apparatus he will use to do that was built over the course of past administrations, both Democrat and Republican. Obama especially focused on perfecting them in order to appease conservatives, using the logic of reinforcing the ‘process’. This is the clear mentality of liberal capitalism, to build up the state to smoothly enact capitalist violence and exploitation with as little mess as possible. As we have stated in our election boycott campaign of US elections, it’s all the same shit, different asshole. If Merkley had any real intention to end this system, he would start with resigning tomorrow. We won’t hold our breath waiting for that to happen.

US imperialism is neatly summed up in the fact that Casa Padre was formerly a Walmart. Walmart is a massive imperialist enterprise to distribute low-cost goods manufactured in exploited third-world markets for primarily first-world consumers. As the economy contracts, internet shopping continues to grow, and waves of recessions make consumer spending unreliable, Walmart has shuttered stores that local markets couldn’t support. Converting one of their empty buildings to house people who have fled countries like Mexico, where Walmart has also participated in destroying local economies, is a logical next step for capitalism’s dystopian trajectory.

Red Guards Austin

Earlier this month, Jeff Merkley, a Democratic senator from Oregon, attempted to visit Casa Padre, a child immigrant detention center along the US-Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas.

In a now viral video, Merkley documents his attempts to enter the facility, claiming he tried calling a week earlier to set up a visit. As he stood in front of the facility, a former Walmart with blacked out windows, the staff called the local police on him and told him he had to leave. Since then, his video has been shared widely in national media and many people outraged by the idea that an elected official of the United States wasn’t able to see the conditions of a facility funded by US government dollars and created by US government policy. The outrage has steamrolled ever since.

While Merkley’s action was little more than liberal Democrat opportunism (a publicity stunt), we acknowledge the…

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